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New York native Dan Ackerman is a former radio DJ turned journalist. His work has appeared in publications including SPIN, Men's Journal, Blender and Maxim. Dan writes about technology as a Section Editor at CNET, and can be seen regularly on CBS This Morning and other TV news outlets. 


The definitive story of a game so great, even the Cold War couldn’t stop it. 

Tetris is perhaps the most instantly recognizable, popular video game ever made. But how did an obscure Soviet programmer, working on frail, antiquated computers, create a product which has now earned nearly $1 billion in sales? How did a makeshift game turn into a worldwide sensation, which has been displayed at the Museum of Modern Art, inspired a big-budget sci-fi movie, and been played in outer space?

A quiet but brilliant young man, Alexey Pajitnov had long nurtured a love for the obscure puzzle game pentominoes, and became obsessed with turning it into a computer game. Little did he know that the project that he labored on alone, hour after hour, would soon become the most addictive game ever made.

In this fast-paced business story, reporter Dan Ackerman reveals how Tetris became one of the world’s first viral hits, passed from player to player, eventually breaking through the Iron Curtain into the West. British, American, and Japanese moguls waged a bitter fight over the rights, sending their fixers racing around the globe to secure backroom deals, while a secretive Soviet organization named ELORG chased down the game’s growing global profits.

The Tetris Effect is an homage to both creator and creation, and a must-read for anyone who’s ever played the game—which is to say everyone. 

Published by PublicAffairs/Perseus/Hachette

“The Tetris Effect is a page-turning, block-stacking, globe-trotting thriller/history book, covering the epic creation saga of one of the greatest video games ever made or played.” —ERNEST CLINE, author of Ready Player One


Available in the UK from Oneworld Publications

Get the UK edition of The Tetris Effect from Oneworld Publications, with its own stunning cover artwork. It's available from UK retailers only, including Amazon UK

"The Tetris Effect explains how one guy in Russia with one little game ended up creating a global business and cultural phenomenon... Ackerman tells the story of the first and quintessential start-up." —DOUGLAS RUSHKOFF, author of Present Shock and Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus

“Tetris on the Game Boy has been the major handheld game of my life, and it’s still a daily addiction for me...The Tetris Effect is a great read on a game that has hypnotized my brain and probably yours too.”  —STEVE WOZNIAK, cofounder of Apple



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Dan is a regular on-air contributor to CBS This Morning, CBSN, and the CBS Evening News, and has appeared on TODAY, Good Morning America, CNBC and other TV news programs. 

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